EuLA Joint Committee Meeting May 2024

EuLA Join Committee Convenes in Oviedo, Spain, Focusing on Sustainability and Safety

Oviedo, SpainThe European Lime Association’s (EuLA) Join Committee held a productive meeting in Oviedo, Spain, bringing together industry leaders and experts to discuss critical issues facing the lime sector. The focus of the meeting centered on sustainable development in lime production, the impact of new legislation, and advancements within the industry, with a paramount emphasis placed on worker safety.

“The EuLA Join Committee meeting provides a valuable platform for dialogue and collaboration on a range of pressing issues impacting the European lime industry,” said Rodolphe Nicolle, Secretary General at EuLA. “The discussions around sustainable development were particularly insightful, and the introduction of the new technology solutions for tracking industry’s development is a promising step towards a greener future for our industry.”

In addition to sustainability, the meeting delved into the implications of new legislative developments for lime producers. Participants engaged in discussions on how to navigate the changing regulatory landscape while ensuring continued industry growth, competitiveness and safe jobs for European workers.

Furthermore, the committee explored recent advancements within the lime sector, highlighting technological innovations that are transforming production processes and improving its efficiency.

However, throughout the discussions, a core focus remained on the safety of workers in the lime industry. The committee reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a safe working environment across all member companies.

The EuLA Join Committee meeting in Oviedo served as a testament to the association’s dedication to collaboration and progress. By fostering open dialogue on critical issues, EuLA is well-positioned to lead the European lime industry towards a more sustainable, innovative, green and safe future.


Second day of the event, the Committee visited Cementos Tudela Veguín plant close to Oviedo.

Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A. has a background spanning over 110 years since it was founded in June 1898. It was a pioneering company at the time as it manufactured an innovative product in Spain: artificial cement. At present it continues being a reference in the production of cement and lime at an international level, placing emphasis on innovation and its absolute commitment to nature.

Likewise, Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A. forms part of Masaveu Industria, being the division of the Masaveu Group dedicated to manufacturing cement, lime, mortar and concrete, among other products.


Many innovations and technical changes took place at the end of the 19th century leading this period to become known as the “Second Industrial Revolution”. Spain participated in these, Asturias in particular, living with unparalleled strength the intense creation of all kinds of company. One of the most important and significant, both due to what it was going to become and the innovation it brought about, was Sociedad Anónima Tudela Veguín.

Its foundation followed the initiative of Elías Masaveu Rivell who, with the works that were to be carried out in the Port of El Musel, Gijón, decided to constitute Sociedad Anónima Tudela Veguín, which took place on 28th June 1898 in a public deed before the notary of Oviedo Secundino de la Torre. The capital, amounting to 1,000,000 pesetas, was subscribed by the Masaveu y Compañía society, with the first Board of Directors being chaired by Elías Masaveu Rivell.

It would seem like just one more company of those constituted in the period except for the fact its object was totally innovative in Spain: the manufacture of artificial cement. In effect, this company was opening a totally new path in our country.

EuLA would like to thank to our host, La Asociación de Fabricantes de Cal (ANCADE), staff at the Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A.m and all the participants who joined in person and online!

See you in Brussels!

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