The SUBLime (SUstainable Building Lime applications via Circular Economy and Biomimetic Approaches) network is firstly dedicated to educate/train researchers in multiple scientific and engineering fields aiming a better understanding and development of sustainable innovation solutions for lime mortars/plasters in new construction and conservation of the built heritage.

The project covers the main features of lime-based applications in the masonry construction (both joints and plastering mortars), including material characterization, numerical non-linear modelling of multi-physics behaviour, functionality and sustainability in lime use, all within a framework of performance-based design. Innovations are focused in both added functionalities and sustainability aspects in lime mortars and plasters, strongly based on novel biomimetic and closed-loop recycling approaches.

SUBLime introduces and develops new sustainable solutions with added functionalities such as self-cleaning, (super-) hydrophobicity, self-healing or enhanced (catalysed) CO2 capture capabilities, and considers closed-loop recycling. As an example, at the end of life (EoL) of a building, unlike cement, lime has compatible strength to allow the masonry to be separated and fully recycled.

The research training in the SUBLime network is structured to take full advantage of intensive cooperation between academia, lime producers, mortar/plaster/unit producers, and end-users. This cross-disciplinary approach throughout the SUBLime value chain will dramatically increase the transfer of scientific knowledge to the lime industry in the EU, ensuring social, environmental and product progress.

The main scientific objective of the SUBLime network, in the context of lime-based applications in construction, is to develop/transfer biomimetic-based sustainable technologies targeted to reduce CO2 emissions, to support current and future needs of society, by using advanced computational and experimental multi-scale strategies. The focus is on new construction and conservation of the built heritage.

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