Policy Position


Sep 25, 2023

This roadmap presents a reference pathway for the European lime sector to achieve negative CO2 emissions by 2050. It also explores decarbonisation potential towards 2030 as milestone year. This pathway is a result of a compilation and analysis of data at the European level, in addition to a variety of inputs from companies, national associations, technological experts and existing literature.

The consolidated European decarbonisation pathway cannot be transposed to a particular company, region or country. The actual pathway for companies, regions and countries varies as the local context around each of the production sites strongly influences both the emission mitigation potential and its modalities: applicable regulations, availability and access to specific energies, carriers’ access to enabling infrastructure, costs/benefits of a pathway to negative emissions by 2050 and the various decarbonisation technologies. This roadmap assumes that total European sales volumes remain stable over the period 2019-2050, relying on a preserved competitiveness of European downstream sectors, as lime is an indispensable material in its key applications. In this document, both quicklime (CaO) and dolime (CaO.MgO) are referred to as “lime.”


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