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Ritter, H. J., Westera, G., & Bruggen, P. (2016). Hydrated Lime as Additive for Increased Durability of Asphalt Mixes Even After Recycling.

Sep 01, 2023

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The paper to be prepared presents the results of a laboratory testing programme on the beneficial effects of hydrated lime in binders of a recycled dense asphalt mix with a greywacke aggregate. The hypothesis is that hydrated lime slows down the ageing process of the asphalt mix. The test programme consisted of an ageing stage and a properties testing stage. Various cycles of preparing mixes, cooling down, heating up, mixing again, etc. were used to simulate the ageing process in practice. Only one type of dense asphalt mix was tested. Both mixes with and without hydrated lime in the binder were used.The degree of ageing was quantified after the ageing cycles 1 and 5. The asphalt specimens were gyratory compacted. The indirect tensile test was used for characterization of the strength of the asphalt mix. Due to ageing, the indirect tensile strength will increase with number of ageing cycle. Compared to the reference mix (without hydrated lime) the rate of increase of the mixes with hydrated lime in the binder was expected to be smaller than for the control mixes. The binder properties penetration and softening point were determined to support the effect.


Additives, Ageing, Lime, Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) Recycling, Testing

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