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Discover our dedication to responsible resource management, and our initiatives that advocate for sustainable future.

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Our Topics

Health & Safety, Climate & Energy, Environment, Innovation, Standards and Regulations and Circular economy are the core of our everyday work. Dive in to discover more about what we do.

Health & Safety
Learn how we're committed to fostering a secure work environment by developing health and safety measures, standards, and protocols.
Climate change & energy
Stay informed about the specific actions and strategies happening at the EU level, and showcasing the contribution of the European lime industry to a net-zero future.
Discover our dedication to responsible resource management, and our initiatives that advocate for sustainable future.
Explore the forefront of progress in our innovation section, highlighting how the European lime sector pioneers’ novel technologies and practices to shape a sustainable and efficient industry.
Circular economy
Navigate through the European Lime sector’s efforts to reduce waste and promote resource efficiency through innovative circular practices.
Standards and Regulations
Navigate through our standards and regulation section to understand how the European Lime sector embraces industry best practices
Discover the important role of lime carbonation as we explore how the process removes carbon from the atmosphere and contributes to our net-zero goals.

Latest News & Events

EuLA Co-Signed a Joint-Letter Together With Other 23 Stakeholders

Nov 10, 2023
Urgent Call for Action: Ensure the Net Zero Industry Act CO2 Storage Injection Capacity Target prote...

The European Lime Association Elects New Board President and Board Members

Aug 31, 2023
European Lime Association, the leading advocacy and representative body for the Lime Industry across...

EuLA’s feedback on the European Commission’s public consultation on the Net-Zero Industry Act

Jun 27, 2023
The European Commission published the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) as a key element of the Green Dea...